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  1. One expectorant, guaifenesin, is commonly available in many cough syrups and also as long release tablets. Mucolytics can dissolve thick mucus and are usually used to help relieve respiratory difficulties. They do this by breaking down the chemical bonds between molecules in the mucus.
  2. Takao Konoshima, Midori Takasaki, in Studies in Natural Products Chemistry, Triterpenoids from Gleditsia japonica, Gymnocladus chinensis and Wistaria brachybotrys. From the fruits of Gleditsia japonica, which have been used in Japanese and Chinese folk medicine as a diuretic and expectorant, seven saponins (gleditsiasaponins B, C, D 1, D 2, E, G and I) had been isolated.
  3. Expectorants work to loosen congestion and help each cough more effectively clear phlegm and mucus from the lungs. Dry coughs, on the other hand, can be .
  4. Feb 07,  · Guaifenesin is an expectorant. It helps loosen congestion in your chest and throat, making it easier to cough out through your mouth. Guaifenesin is used to reduce chest congestion caused by the common cold, infections, or allergies.
  5. Mar 29,  · An expectorant is something that helps loosen mucus so you can cough it up. It does this by increasing the water content of the mucus, thinning it .
  6. Example sentences from the Web for expectorant Its produce was at first known as a kind of honey, and recognised as an expectorant and comforting medicine. The West Indies and the Spanish Main | .
  7. Medscape's clinical reference is the most authoritative and accessible point-of-care medical reference for physicians and healthcare professionals, available online and via all major mobile devices.
  8. Many over-the-counter treatments mix a suppressant and expectorant with medicines for other symptoms. That could include an antihistamine, a decongestant, and a .

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