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Ted Fiorito* - Cling To Me / Alone At A Table For Two (Shellac)

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  1. At the same time, FioRito continued to get engagements in the country's most coveted venues, while breaking new ground with his band's numerous appearances in the movies. In , Ted FioRito and His Orchestra did a number of recording sessions, with Victor, as well as doing two .
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  3. Lyrics to Alone At A Table For Two. Alone At A Table For Two Video: Alone at a table for two Alone in our own rendezvous The music is playing Your favourite request But I hear a blue note The band must have guessed Why I'm alone at a table for two Pretending I am waiting for you And even the flowers at your place have withered They know that we're through I'm alone at a table for two.
  4. Ted: Alright, two can play this Where’s Waldo shit, you son of a bitch. Sam, give me your phone. [Sam gives Ted her phone, he takes it and plays Tiffany’s “I think We’re Alone Now”, not being able to help himself Donny starts dancing to it] Ted: That’s him. [the two guards grab hold of Donny] Donny: Get off me! [they take off his.
  5. Title: You left me alone on the sea of love (To paddle my own canoe). First Line: I am just a castaway drifting on love's sea Chorus: You left me alone on the sea of love a lone dear and dreaming of you Music by: Zipf, Wally. Words by: Mack, Harold. P/P/D: New York: McKinley and Zipf Music Co., c Location: SPC, KIRK PS PDF.
  6. Theodore Salvatore Fiorito (December 20, – July 22, ), known professionally as Ted Fio Rito, was an American composer, orchestra leader, and keyboardist, on both the piano and the Hammond organ, who was popular on national radio broadcasts in the s and s. His name is sometimes given as Ted Fiorito or Ted FioRito.
  7. TED FIORITO ( - ) p>Ted Fio Rito was a successful bandleader, composer, and keyboardist on both the piano and Hammond organ. His career spanned over four decades and included many hit recordings with nearly twenty making the pop charts in the ’s.
  8. Exclusively Yours -- Excuse Me Lady -- Explosion in My Soul -- Express -- Extra (All About That Gal of Mine) -- Eye Full of You -- Eyes -- Eyes (Until You Looked at Me) -- Eyes Aloft -- Eyes of Blue -- Eyes of God -- Eyes of Love -- Eyes That Count -- Eyes That Say I Love You -- Eyes That Stole This Heart of Mine -- Eyes Were Never Made for Crying -- (Have You Any Dough for Your Little Boy) Fa.
  9. Ted formed a Journey Tribute band performing all of Journey's Greatest Hits headlining shows for Clear Channel and The Fox as well as singing and performing with his Journey Tribute band on Denver's Channel 2 for a music showcase. Ted sang and performed with .

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